Polite meetings waste time (via Leadership Freak)

More than that, I think most, if not all meetings waste time! If the meeting is *only* to sort out a problem, then get onto it when that problem becomes apparent.

This is especially an issue when people wait to raise problems at regular weekly/monthly meetings – in fact, why not do away with regular “report back” type meetings altogether? Stand-up meetings with the key people only involved seem to achieve so much, with so little time wasted (because you are standing!). This is somewhat akin to Agile project meetings – short, focussed, action oriented.

Polite meetings waste time Yesterday I interviewed Robert Herbold, former Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft and author of “What’s Holding You Back.” Bob's quiet, gentlemanly tone shifted toward disdain when the topic moved to wasting time in poorly run meetings. Frankly, it was a pleasure hearing him explain that he felt many meetings are useless religious ceremonies controlled by highly organized, meaningless ritual after meaningless ritual. Effective structure: I aske … Read More

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Hello world!

Wow, my first ever blog post… #exciting

It’s taken me an awfully long time to get to this – I’ve been meaning to blog for years, but never gotten around to it…

So why am I here now?

Well, the last year has been particularly interesting, albeit challenging. I was made redundant from my job (where I really had intended on staying for many more years), I’ve been through two major earthquakes (in Christchurch, New Zealand), plus I am now trying to establish myself as a consultant, and finish my MBA.

It’s those last few items I’d really like to focus on: I am completing an MBA project, looking at the optimisation of value from investments in information technology (especially in the public sector); I am developing a new consulting business; and I am going to do whatever I can to help Christchurch recover from the quakes.

What can you expect?

I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on technology and society, interesting articles and commentary I come across, observations on consulting and working from home (and the adjustments that means to my life), and outcomes from my MBA project.

No doubt I’ll also ramble on a bit about things that interest me – it’s my blog after all, so that is my prerogative!